15 WA suburbs set for growth in 2015 for under $420,000

15 WA suburbs set for growth in 2015 for under $420,000

With the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane real estate markets all in full swing over the last 12 months we ask the hard question – Is the WA boom over or is their room for the astute investor?

Less than 6 months ago, WA boasted the nations best performing economy.

6 months later WA has the same credit rating as Tasmania.

What’s driving the WA real estate market?

  • The significant levels of investment associated with the mining boom in WA have now come and gone.
  • In 2014 WA built the largest number of new homes on record, according to Dale Harvey from the HIA.
  • WA is still seeing strong real estate activity, housing construction and overall activity in the financial sector.
  • WA is still by far Australia’s leading state for population growth, with an annual growth rate of 2.53%.
  • At 4.9%, WA’s unemployment levels are still relatively low compared to other states.

What’s ahead for the WA real estate market in 2015?

  • Times are tough in WA, according to Dale from the HIA, due to the fact that so much investment has been “sucked out of the economy”.
  • According to Dale, it will be a long time before we see another investment boom like the one we have just been through.
  • We are not going to see the economic growth and therefore income growth that we have seen over the last 5 – 10 years, over the next 5 – 10 years.
  • We are also seeing markets with sharp falls in property prices and vacancy rates.
  • Investors can expect price declines throughout 2016 and 2017 – with Perth’s median house price forecast to decline by 10% in real terms over the next 3 years, according to John Edwards from Residex.
  • Tourism is on the rise with a large number of Chinese tourists coming into WA.

15 WA suburbs set for growth in 2015 for under $420,000:


Property type Median price Vacancy rate Rental yield

South Boulder

House $249,417 0%


Gosnells Unit $300,833 1.16%



Unit $311,500 2,17% 5.41%


House $314,667 1.83% 5.92%


House $325,875 1.34%


Osborne Park Unit $331,667 1.69%


Bellevue House $352,250 1.38%



Unit $355,417 2.21% 5.27%


Unit $358667 2.45% 5.3%


Unit $372,500 1.7%


Sorrento Unit $382,542 2%


Lockridge House $378,667 1.55%



House $405,500 0.73% 5%
Gillawheen House $409,333 0.84%


North Perth Unit $416,667 3.12%


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4 additional WA suburbs set for growth in 2015 for under $420,000:

  • Jolimont
  • Forrestfield
  • Coolbellup
  • Morley

Leading infrastructure projects in the works for WA:

  • $54 billion LGN projects – Gorgon, Wheatstone and Prelude.
  • $9.5 billion Roy Hill iron ore project.
  • $5.6 billion mixed-use Perth City Link urban renewal project.
  • $300 million Joondalup Shopping City.
  • $105 million Oceans Keys Shopping Centre.

Important population statistics for WA:

  • Forecast population for 2015/16: 2,713,000.
  • Forecast population growth for 2015/16: 2.9%.
  • Population growth hotspot: Serpentine-Jarrahdale.
  • Migration trend: Net interstate migration flow.

Who’s been buying property in WA in 2014?

First home buyers have re-entered the WA market.

Investor activity still remains healthy, with lending for residential activity similar to levels seen during the mid-2000s boom. In fact, investor activity in WA is now in line with pre-GFC levels.

WA’s 7 most under supplied real estate markets in 2014:

  • Bentley South (units)
  • Salter Point (units)
  • Wilson (units)
  • Subiaco East (units)
  • Bateman (units)
  • Yokine South (units)
  • Morgantown (units)

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