Max Phillips

Thanks for everything Ben and Kristal! I Have nothing but positive feedback from my journey with Pumped On Property. You guys have been nothing but professional and helpful this whole time. Look forward to the future purchases. Carpe Diem 😉

Michael & Kylie Beresford

Hi Pumped On Property. Just a note of appreciation to thank you both for your professional approach and assistance with the purchase of our Investment property. Your common sense approach provided much confidence in your chosen locations and individual property proposals which complimented your approachable nature and positive attitudes. Ben, your dedication in offering assistance and support including access to your Broker is also much appreciated. I don,t believe we would have managed to purchase our property in that location and price without your help. I will be sure to share my experience with friends and colleagues who find themselves in our situation in their property journey. We wish you all the very best and hope to work with you both again in the future.

Rajesh Subramanian

Hello Ben and Kristal,
We have officially completed week 1 today and it has been exciting to say the least. I have used a few BA's before, the reports and info that you guys provide are multiple times better than those previously provided by others. Very very happy with your methodology behind selecting properties and shortlisting them. Looking forward to week 2 !!
Thanks and regards

Amy Hamblin

Hey Ben, Just wanted to send you through an appreciation email. I spoke with you over a year ago after we bought some land in Lennox Head and were deciding on what to do for the building process. You said jump in and do the granny flat with the house, why wouldn't you spend an extra $80-$100K to get an extra $300 p/w or 15% rental return. So we did that, spent $230k on the land, $350K on build, extras and holding costs for a total spend $580k and had it revalued after completion by the bank for $810K. We are stoked with the outcome as well as our rental return $550p/w for the house and $380 p/w for the granny flat for a total of $930p/w rent. This investment has definitely set us up for the future, taking any financial pressure off for me to have 12 months off work when our first baby is due in March next year. Thanks for the advice.

Annika Cole

Thank you so much for the beautiful card, pen and journal. It was so thoughtful to send to us. We are really happy with your work, support and professionalism and look forward to our long term working relationship.

Lee Gillespie

Hi Ben,

As the Director of Pumped on Property I wanted to send you this email to acknowledge my appreciation of one of your staff.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Kristal who has supported us to work towards our investment goals. Throughout this process I have found Kristal to be knowledgeable, efficient, hardworking and very patient. It can be very daunting purchasing a property away from where you live and I know that we would not have been able to do this without the support of Kristal and Pumped on Property. Thank you to Kristal for her commitment, understanding and endless patience. She is extremely hardworking and I hope she enjoys her much deserved break in April. I am grateful that we found Pumped on Property and that you provide such a great service to Mum and Dad investors. I am sure if we had not found you, we would still be procrastinating!

Many Thanks again.

Ryan Clarkstone

Good afternoon Ben. Yesterday afternoon settlement went ahead for the purchase of our first investment property at Kallangur! To say I'm a little excited to have achieved this first step towards securing our financial future would be an understatement. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the team that helped me throughout this process. Thank you Ben for graciously taking the time to sit down and chat throughout the process. Your advice and guidance has been invaluable and I have learnt so much more than I could have hoped to doing this on my own. I look forward to maintaining this relationship going forward as I continue on the journey towards financial independence. I'd like to say a huge thanks to Kristal for all the effort you put in finding the property, negotiating on my behalf and guiding me through the whole process. Your efforts and guidance have been much appreciated and it was a pleasure to work with you throughout the process. Thanks also to Ali for your help early on. Thanks again Ben, Kristal and Ali for all your help. Its been a pleasure working with you all and your efforts have gone a long way to helping my family and I secure our financial future.

Roger Hung

I have been totally flat out up to settlement and even still now but wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Ben, I received your card in the mail, thanks man and am honored to be part of the Pumped on Property family and looking forward to continuing the relationship beyond this transaction. Simon, thanks for your contribution to my experience with PoP as well, although you weren't involved in the buying process I still appreciate your input prior to me coming on board. My experience working with the team has been nothing but positive and the entire buying process was as you had initially described to me and for that I am very grateful for. Ali, I had a really positive experience with you as my buyers agent, the process was completely different (for the better) to what I had experienced in the past and was to a high standard. Thank you for being understanding and catering to what I was looking for, I appreciate your sincerity and patience during our search. With the teams experience and a bit of luck, we got there in the end and to my surprise was earlier than I anticipated. While not perfect (as nothing ever is) I am really happy with the purchase we have made together, it checked off on most of the criteria I was looking for and am excited for the future prospects for the property.


I appreciated the excellent initial contact outlining what's going to happen during the process, to the type of properties we received, to the communication particularly with Kristal in terms of quantity (frequently contacted by Kristal) as well as quality (clear precise information and all questions I asked were answered fully). In addition I also appreciated the positive "Let's do it" approach which was based on knowledge and experience, as well as POP's liaising with each of the parties involved during the settlement process such as my solicitor and the real estate agent. Your professionalism and "aftercare" post settlement has been exceptional - I feel supported.

David & Wendy Blakeman

We're really happy with our purchase and are looking forward to seeing how it performs. There is absolutely no way we would have been able to do it without your services.
Entering the property market is a very daunting task for first-time investors like us and it's difficult to know what information to follow and who to trust. We feel like you've always been genuine and have acted in our best interests, holding our hands every step of the way. In comparison to other buyers' agents we have looked into, we've found the service that your small team provides to be very personalised. Everyone on the team seemed to have a good understanding of where we were at and what the next step was for us, regardless of who we were dealing with. Any issues or concerns were actively and promptly dealt with. All of this has fostered a relationship of trust and confidence which we feel we can extend to your partner businesses.
We will be more than happy to recommend you to friends/family/colleagues and we look forward to continuing working with you and Michele in the future.


I liked the regular phone calls and emails which provided updates to home inspection reports on a weekly basis and during the buying process which makes you feel comfortable that everything was in control. Lovely friendly staff. Felt confident in Kristal's review and report of the property that she recommended for us. She meet our brief for a property very well and has good ideas about adding value. Takes a lot of the hassle away from us as we are very time poor and would not have been able to do this without assistance of POP. Ben has an honest, open and genuine manner which is refreshing and reassuring. Really appreciated photograph sent by Ben of property for sale sign.

Thalia and Edward

Hi Ben and Kristal. I just wanted to say on behalf of Thalia and myself, thank you so much for all the effort you have put in helping us through the whole buying process and of course doing all the leg work in finding us the property. We are really happy with the outcome!
I would have to say that each step was made straightforward and easy with your ongoing communication and experience.
We are now looking forward to getting the place tenanted and also making plans to add value in hope of fast tracking some equity through renovation.


Thanks a lot to Kristal and Ben for guiding me through the whole process. For someone like my self with no knowledge in property buying is quite scary thing to do. I have now entered the market, scored an awesome property and now feel as though I understand a lot more. Cheers

Michael Zervos

On behalf of the Nichiomi team thank you.
Thank you for helping us with formulating our vision into a viable strategy and then making that vision a reality. We are quite excited about this property, particularly after taking a drive our to see it the other week. This property ticks all the boxes based on our investment plan and is the perfect addition to our SMSF.


Very grateful for your service. Worked with many many buyers agents, you guys leave them for dead with the information and breakdown you provide. Things like the public housing maps, sales maps, valuations and suburb data are things no other agents do.

Sean Menere

I can't recommend this team highly enough. Faced with some ridiculously difficult circumstances and time frames they achieved the impossible for us. We are very happy with the service Ben and his team provided and given the chance, we hope to work with them again under more user-friendly circumstances in the future!


It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Should we decide to buy again in your area, we will certainly ask you again to be our buyers' agent. The experience has exceeded my expectations and I would like to thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm, openness and of course helping me to find the kind of property we were after. 😀 You are awesome!

Nicole Liu

Hi Kristal and Ben. I wanted to properly thank you for helping me find my first house! It's been a really cool experience and I'm already on the lookout for the next one. Definitely could not have done it without you guys! Renovations are now underway - doing some painting and some re-flooring at the moment 🙂 Super thrilled with it and have high hopes!


I am really impressed by how good your service is and how professional and knowledgeable everyone has been in our dealings with them. We would definitely use Pumped on Property again. The fees were well worth the advice, peace of mind and stress free time we had.


You're service and friendship will be cherished for a long time to come. Appreciate all the hard-work and coaching through the entire process, particularly at the start when it was most difficult for me. Great adaptability when changing strategy various times before finding the property for me. Lots of love! <3


I think that using a buyers agent like pumped on property is an investment not an expense due to many reasons, but one main one is that buyers agents have relationships with the local sales agents in their area and can sometimes buy property for you before it even hits the market. This can save you $10 - 20k off your purchase price that you would not be able to buy for if it was released to the market. So for anyone trying to get in the property market or just buying another investment property that doesn't have the time or knowledge on how to perform their own due diligence using a buyers agent can be a very wise move.

Andrew & Kelly Menon

Good afternoon Ben and Kristal,
I arrived home this afternoon and was a package with my name on it from Pumped and I had no idea what it could be.  I honestly thought there was another document I had to sign and send back!
Thank you for the gift.  It just reminded me about the first conversation where I had with Ben on the phone a few months back - being so genuine and straight up with me.  Kristal for scooting between the Sunny Coast and Redcliffe for that appointment we had during the previous school holidays. It was the little things like that and being available and responding quickly which really made me feel supported during this process.  I am particularly grateful for the way Kristal handled the entire purchasing process.
Thank you again and I will surely be in contact to touch base every now and then and in a year or so, be ready for the next move depending on the market.

Adam & Susanne

Hi Ben, Kristal & the rest of the team. We just wanted to thank you guys so much for the great service that we received from you when buying our investment property. We really appreciate your excellent communication and guidance throughout the entire process. It is all fairly new to us and we always had all of our questions answered and learnt a lot about the buying process. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family. We will definitely consider using you guys again for our next investment! 🙂

Eric Le Tran

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ben, Kristal and Michele for helping us find an investment property in Brisbane. My wife and I are from NSW and wanted to invest in the Brisbane Market. We were looking for an experienced team of specialists in the Brisbane Market and decided to go with Ben & his team at Pumped on Property. Kristal and Michele were excellent to work with throughout the the entire process and their knowledge of the market made it very comforting for us to invest from another state. Thanks again for finding us an amazing investment, and for finding tenants to move into the property so quickly! Will always highly recommend your team to anyone looking to invest in Brisbane!

Nicole Macdonald

Hi Ben and Kristal, I haven't really had the chance to thank both for the work you did for us. We are exceptionally happy the outcome. Although it's only a valuation, it has been estimated that our property is now worth $617,000. If that is the case, we have already made $37,000 in 2 months! I'm sure the renovations we are planning will also add a great deal of value to the property and make it very attractive to tenants.

Jonathon Sankey

The team at Pumped on Property were essential to me finding the right investment in Brisbane. Not only did we purchase the property for $50,000 under market value but the property also was able to easily have an additional room and bathroom added. As an interstate buyer it is not often easy to organise renovations when you’re in another state but luckily Pumped On Property also had that covered too and has allowed me to get a great place, at a great price, with a great yield. What was also of note was that the team worked with me on a very specific brief for a long time and never pressured me to buy, if anything they were prepared to let a great deal go over a price that we determined was only $5,000 more than what it should be. If that isn’t integrity, I don’t know what is because they could have easily got me off their books sooner rather than later. I’m incredibly happy with the service and after working with over 5 buyers agents in the past Pumped On Property was leagues ahead in their experience, professionalism and organisation.

Susanne and Glenn Meier

Thank you very much Ben. We are now the owners of an investment property! Both Glen and I would like to thank you for your work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and frankly my experience has exceeded all expectations. Kristal has been outstanding. She has been extremely helpful especially when it came to all the questions I had. Your communication throughout the process has been fantastic and I am very happy to be able to contact you in the future should we need to. Should we buy again in your area, we will certainly work with you again.

Jake Hosford

Ben, Kristal and his team helped me purchased my 3rd investment property. After I purchased my second property property I became stuck and didn't know what direction to head with my investment journey. After a strategy session with Ben we decided to purchase a house with granny flat potential. As an interstate investor it was great at the amount of properties Ben and Kristal send through to us along with the detailed reports. The house that I did purchase was purchased under market value because of the great negotiating skills of the Pumped On Property team. The team also put us onto a granny flat builder and has walked us through the whole process making it so easy! I would definitely recommend Pumped On Property because its great value and I saved more on the house then I spent on their service.

Sally and Rowan Davis

We recently purchased our first investment  through Pumped on Property and we couldn't be happier. We've gone from knowing nothing about the property game to owning our first positively geared investment. Ben and his team helped in every facet of finding, buying and now managing the property giving us a truly hassle free experience. These guys really know what they're doing, and we would highly recommend them. We are looking forward to engaging them again to purchase a second property! Thank you again Ben, Kristal and Michele.

Ema Bowman

My husband and I used Pumped on Property’s buyers agent service to purchase 2 investment properties in Brisbane. We dealt with Ben and Kristal and they were both professional, helpful and guided us at every step of the journey. The communication was superb. They were available at any time and gave us sound and sage advice. We actually felt a bit sad after successfully buying the properties that we did not get to continue on the journey as we were learning so much!

We have since recommended them to multiple friends and will continue to do so due to the high quality service they provided and continue to provide even post purchase. Using a buyers agent was the best decision we ever made, we will never purchase without one again – we only wish Ben and his team were Australia wide!

Kate and Danny Peters

As a young professional couple with 2 young children we were time poor and procrastinating over our next property move. Having Ben by our side was essential to guide us into purchasing the right property that it suited our price range and provided a great foundation for our property portfolio. Ben has the vision to take the bones of a property in a great suburb and turn it into equity gold.

Sarah Webley

I’d been looking for a suitable property to purchase in a SMSF but was unable to find anything that ticked the boxes in terms of both high yield and good growth prospects. I took on  Ben from Pumped on Property as a buyer’s agent in May 2016  and within a few weeks he was able to line up a suitable opportunity for me to  buy an off the plan, dual income property, below market value, using a quality builder. Construction has now commenced and the property is due to be completed in February 2017. Ben has a passion for property and offers a professional, friendly service at a reasonable rate. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ben to those like myself who are time poor and/or have a  limited knowledge of the local property market.

Joel Andrews

I stumbled across Pumped on Property some months ago now while doing some property research. I have and continue to find it both interesting and helpful, and I commend Ben and the work he does. Ben’s passion and drive are very evident, and when he’s got something to say, be sure to listen up!

Stef Allen

What an amazing team! I have been extremely impressed by the high level of professionalism shown by each and every one of them. My daughter and I were looking at buying an investment property but were so confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out what to buy that we nearly gave up, until we caught Ben on a webinar. He instantly made us feel comfortable. My daughter has just brought her first investment property with the guidance of Ben and Kristal. They held her hand every step of the way going above and beyond to ensure the information we needed was transparent and explained well. Their referrals to solicitors, mortgage brokers, town planers, building and pest inspectors and property managers have made the whole experience a pleasant one. They are so patient and easy to work with. Everything was explained well and no question was ever a silly one. I highly recommend pumped on property and their services and know my daughter will be using them again.

Steve Gow

Can’t recommend Pumped on Property enough. If it wasn’t for them I’d still be wondering where to start. They were always willing to take the time to answer each of my rookie questions. Cheers Guys.

Adam Cooke

I recently engaged Ben with the task of finding and purchasing an investment property to suit my personal goals and financial needs.  Ben offered a very personalised approach to the buyers advocacy scene, where I felt others I’d previously considered, lacked- and all at a very reasonable price.After a few initial consultations, Ben shortlisted some promising locations of which we eventually settled on one just north of Brisbane and moved towards pinpointing areas within the suburb which we found most and least desirable. Ben seemed more than happy to do as much or as little as I requested, which worked perfectly for someone such as myself who found the research/analytical side of things quite enjoyable, though lacked the practical experience and overall knowledge to go with it.Ben was very patient with me, looking over what I had found, correcting me where I was wrong, reassuring me where I was unsure and ultimately guiding me towards a purchase that I am more than happy with. Ben was able to view the property we eventually settled on prior to it going to market and after some quick analysis, we we’re able to move on the property before it was advertised- ultimately giving us the best chance at securing it as cheaply as possible.All in all Ben was very knowledgeable, patient and a pleasure to work with. The team of professionals he put me in touch with throughout the process all worked very well and I am very happy with the property we we’re eventually able to secure and the service I received on Ben’s behalf.

Jarrod Boyle

I'd like to thank Pumped On Property for all of their help. They were extremely professional and helped me answer every question I had as a first time investor. They helped me move quick and put me in touch with the right people at the right time. The team at Pumped On Property where only ever a phone call away when I needed a hand. I would definitely recommend Pumped On Property to anyone looking to find the right property at the right price!

Matthew Stubbs

Really enjoy working with Ben. His honest approach to assisting people invest in Real Estate sets him apart from other buyers agents.

Leo Barreto

Ben & Kristal…Its been a long time coming but it looks like the process is coming to a closing first chapter! I wanted to say a big thank you to the both of you for guiding me along with the whole process. Im am extremely grateful that we somehow crossed paths, because if it wasn’t for your help and expertise, I would of not known where to start! Your service was such a big help especially because I knew absolutely nothing about property! Exciting times definitely lay ahead. I cannot wait to see where we all end up on our own property journey! We will definitely keep in touch!

Kym Volp

I engaged Pumped on Property as buyer agent for two purchases.  One was for my personal portfolio and one was for my company.  On both fronts I wanted to make a clever purchase that would allow us to release equity quickly in order to rapidly grow. We decided to go with two different approaches.  One was to buy an existing undervalued house in a high-growth area and renovate; the other was to buy infill land in a prestigious location and build (both in the Brisbane area). Pumped On Property managed to secure us an existing 3 bedroom house $15,000 below advertised price, on which we did a complete renovation at a reasonable price.  The process was completely managed by Lisa Pullos of SHE Interiors, but Pumped On Property still remained in touch – including continual updates and arranging a rental agent. The area has seen 3% growth in the last quarter, whilst some of the other areas I looked at have only increased 1-1.5%. On our land, we also managed to buy $15,000 below advertised price and have obtained good price with a reputable builder due to Pumped On Property’s strong relationships in the industry.  I won’t know the final outcome from this for some time, but am hopeful that we will achieve the desired result. Overall, I am very happy with Pumped On Property’s service.  Ben and the team are obviously savvy and have a great eye for a solid investment.  Apart from this the thing which most impressed me was there commitment to outstanding customer service.  Particularly when there were small issues (which there are always bound to be) they would pick up the phone immediately, apologise sincerely and do whatever was necessary to rectify the problem .  The team at Pumped On Property have gone above and beyond and continue to help me with matters that are out of the scope of our original agreement. I thoroughly recommend there service to anyone seeking to engage a trustworthy and competent buyer’s agent.

Naveen Kapoor

Dear Ben and Kristal,A big thank you to both of you for finding a little gem for me in a rising property market.I must say that you are a patient man Ben. Your rational approach which included planning and understanding limitations helped us to take the informed decision. The old adage ‘Honest is the best policy’ and your willingness to assist others without a profit motive is an endangered breed in this modern world. Our best wishes are with you and will certainly recommend your services to others.

Sidarth & Kate Gupta

Buying a property with Pumped was a positive experience from which we learned a lot. We felt supported during every step of the process and are really happy with the property we purchased. We will definitely use Ben again when we decide to purchase in QLD or NSW.

Joshua Davison

Absolutely stoked about buying my first property with Pumped On Property and couldn't be happier with my overall experience. Ben's help and knowledge of the investment market has made this whole process a lot easier than expected.

Sally Malone

Ben delivers practical, informative and well researched advice. I asked Ben to help me find and negotiate my third investment property. Ben helped me buy under market value and manage the construction of my new home with regular updates.

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