Current Vacancy Rates Across the Nation

Current Vacancy Rates Across the Nation

According to research firm SQM Research, vacancy rates across the nation are sitting at 2.6%, which indicates a 0.3% increase in vacancy rates across Australia’s capital cities compared to last year.

Cities With the Highest Vacancy Rates:

  1. Melbourne had the highest vacancy rate at 3.4% in December, with it’s CBD recording a 5.8% vacancy rate.
  2. Brisbane recorded a vacancy rate of 2.8% and an annual vacancy rate increase of 0.6%. The CBD of Brisbane recorded a vacancy rate of 5.4%.
  3. Canberra had a vacancy rate of 2.3% which increased 0.6% from last year.
  4. Perth’s vacancy rate was 2.1% in December 2013, but compared to December 2012 at 0.9% this city had the biggest spike in vacancy rates compared to the year before. Perth’s CBD recorded a 5.9% vacancy rate.
  5. Sydney recorded a 1.6% vacancy rate according to REINSW. The city’s cumulative rate decreased by 0.1% from December 2012. The inner suburbs of Sydney recorded vacancy rates of 1.6%; the middle suburbs recorded a 1.8% vacancy rate and the outer suburbs recorded a 1.3% vacancy rate.
  6. Regional towns with the highest vacancy rates include: Gladstone (11.1%), Townsville (8%), Karratha (8%), Mackay (6.8%), and Port Headland (6.3%).

Statistics on the vacancy rates across the nation below:

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