Simple And Effective Design Tips Guaranteed To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Simple And Effective Design Tips Guaranteed To Increase The Value Of Your Home

A new home and a new partner have a few things in common, but possibly the most necessary is that once the initial excitement wears off, we see past what could be better and we learn to live with it. Otherwise how could we ever relax?

A fresh perspective when looking to add value to your home is the best $10 tip I can give you.

Give someone in my line of work a nominal fee and they will pop out and tell you everything that could be better about your house. It can be quite confronting, but it’s nothing personal and the experience can be quite motivating.

Let’s get a head start and go through these simple and effective design tips guaranteed to increase the value of your home before we move onto some more detailed tips to increase the value of your home.

– Re-paint – Keep it neutral and stick to one colour throughout. Don’t forget to include patch-ups in your quote to remedy any settling cracks, general wear and tear or the attempt you had trying to hang an art cluster…
– Re-colour grout or re-grout your bathrooms – Grout pens are a cheap and easy solution to freshen up tiling (after a world record clean). Once done apply some nano-kote to keep it all looking great.
– Update your cabinet handles and door furniture – Measure the existing holes before you buy and keep them consistent and generally appealing. Don’t forget your entry door!
– Update your floor coverings – New carpet, refinished timber and cleaned and re-grouted tiles provide huge bang for buck in returns.
– Bring in a professional – An hour spent with a property stylist will help you to see the potential

Once you’ve ticked those boxes, it’s time to take it up a notch!

Updating light fittings and power points is slightly more involved being that it requires an electrician, but if this is viable perhaps explore adding ceiling fans to bedrooms and alfresco areas, heating/exhaust fans to bathrooms and even a pendant or three to your kitchen, stairwell or either side of your master bed.

Large mirrors to bathrooms and even living areas are impressive and can over-lay what we can’t afford to replace and reflect what we can.

Feature Sink Mixers are eye catching and increasingly popular thanks to being readily available, easily retro-fitted and easy on the hip pocket.

While we’re in the kitchen, updating a tired splash back has never been easier with Perspex and laminate options adhered over roughed-up tiles with liquid nails or stone veneer over-lay available for your splash back and your bench tops.

The best designed spaces are exactly that – Designed Space, so take a look at your space (every inch of which you paid for), and put it to good use to reap instant return.

Kitting out each of your storage spaces (robes, linens, pantries, cupboards etc.) with intelligent, functional and versatile fit-outs is an incredible investment. Remember it’s not the size that counts, but how you use it.

Often built in cabinetry in laundries, living rooms or study nooks is not included in the build, or if it is it’s often basic, leaving scores of open space just begging for shelves, cupboards, hooks, Boxes, Pin boards, Blackboards, Chore-boards – I’m inspired just thinking about it!

Even the most basically skilled handy-people can navigate their way through an IKEA store and if you can’t (or won’t, in my case), employing professionals to do the job might cost a bit more, but you’ll still be value adding, guaranteed.

Beyond storage there is also your yard which should be entirely useable. Whether it’s lawn for the kids (pop a TV and an XBox out there to increase viability), pergolas or decks for entertaining or relaxing, garden beds for aesthetics and passion or simply a clothes drying court – if it has usable function it is worth a few more capital S’s with vertical lines through ’em ($).

Now we’ve literally got you making money from thin air.

What I really love about modern Australian design is that we are embracing the styles from our past that were shaped by the Aussie Battler. Your home, no matter it’s age or era can be restored with a modern twist on a shoestring budget if you’re prepared to work with what you’ve got. There’s a little Designer in all of us, so find yours and put it to work!

I’d love to hear about and see your inner designer’s portfolio of work and your tips or lessons you’ve learnt along the way!



Edam Triffett is an Interior Designer with over 10 years of specialised experience in the Design industry and a lifelong passion for bringing aesthetic, function and personality to every space. Edam specialises in Design and Specification at the Architectural Stage and Interior Styling and currently manages projects for some of Australia’s foremost builders and developers. Edam is a feature columnist, blog contributor and speaker on interior design and styling, with his work enabling him to explore the domestic and international design scene.