Real Estate Advice

The Client acknowledges that buying real estate is both a commercial and emotional decision.

We primarily address the commercial basis as the emotional basis is particular to you. Based on our experience and research we can only put up to you, properties we believe meet your requirements.

At all times the decision to buy or not to buy is yours. We will advise as to our view as to the pros and cons of properties identified by us as falling within your needs analysis. The information provided is relevant to the current property market as at the date of the recommendation and warranties cannot be given as to the future value of the property.

The finally negotiated price depends upon the need of the Seller to sell and your desire to buy. The price may also be affected by any terms or conditions attached to your offer.

No Legal, Financial & Taxation Advice

The Client acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. Any information provided by us is provided as general information and for general information purposes only;
  2. We have not taken the Client’s personal and financial circumstances into account when providing information;
  3. We must not and have not provided legal, financial or taxation advice to the Client;
  4. the information provided must be verified by the Client prior to the Client acting or relying on the information by an independent professional advisor including a legal, financial, taxation advisor and the Client’s accountant;
  5. The information may not be suitable or applicable to the Client’s individual circumstances;
  6. We do not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence as defined by section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and we are not authorised to provide financial services to the Client, and we have not provided financial services to the Client;
  7. We have relied upon these warranties and representations made by the Client in providing information and or performing any services for the Client.

Privacy Policy

We may use personal information collected from or about the Client to act as the Client’s agent and to perform their obligations under any appointment or other agreement. We may also use such information collected to promote the services that we provide and/or seek potential clients.

We may disclose information to other parties including advisors, media organisations, property data service providers, on the internet, to potential vendors, or the clients of the Agent both existing and potential, as well as to parties engaged to evaluate any property, body corporate or owners’ corporations, valuers, government and statutory bodies and financial institutions.

We will only disclose information to other parties as required to perform their duties under this agreement, to achieve the purposes specified above or as otherwise allowed under the Privacy Act 1988. If the Client would like to access this information, they can do so, by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this agreement.

The Client can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.

Real estate and tax law requires some of this information to be collected. If the information is not provided, we may not be able to act on the Client’s behalf effectively or at all.