Part 1: Dual Occupancy Property Series – What Is A Dual Occupancy Property?

Dual Occupancy Property – Pumped On Property

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have multiple streams of income from a single property?

Have you considered what it would be like to build properties that are positively geared from the moment you finish construction?

For those of you looking to add cash flow to your property portfolio dual occupancy properties may be for you.

These properties offer savvy investors relatively low risk opportunities to dip their toes into property development or add value to an existing dwelling.

A dual occupancy property is any property that provides an investor with multiple sources of income.

Dual occupancy properties come in a number of forms including:

  1. A duplex
  2. A second dwelling
  3. Two free standing dwellings
  4. A granny flat

In its simplest terms a duplex is two attached villas / units. A duplex is the equivalent of building one large house and splitting it in half, with each of the halves being completely self-contained.

A second dwelling, as the name suggests, occurs when you build a second dwelling behind or next to an existing house.

An extremely common form of dual occupancy in inner city and suburban areas is to build two freestanding dwellings. A common example of this is when an investor finds a corner block and splits it in two. Generally an investor will either renovate the existing house and build a second property, or knockdown the existing house and build two new properties.

While a granny flat may not be considered a traditional form of dual occupancy they offer investors the opportunity to increase their rental yield at a relatively low cost.

Dual occupancy properties come in a number of forms and offer savvy property investors the opportunity to increase their rental yield, serviceability and make immediate equity.

As the demand for housing continues to grow in Australia and access to quality land continue to decline we will see the rise of the dual occupancy property.

Take a look at how the numbers stack up on a dual occupancy property I recently built in QLD here.

Dual Occupancy Property - Pumped On Property

Dual Occupancy Property - Pumped On Property

Ben Everingham


Ben founded Pumped On Property after building a multi-million dollar property portfolio over a 5 year period. His mission is to show you how to replace your income through property investing so you can do what you love…full time.

7 thoughts on “Part 1: Dual Occupancy Property Series – What Is A Dual Occupancy Property?

  1. Hi Ben,
    How do you arrange dual occupancy (other than subdividing) in a low density area or do you just purchase and or build in medium density? Do you undertake your projects outside of the BCC?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thanks for touching base. There are a number of ways you can create a dual occupancy property.
      1. Subdividing – as you mentioned
      2. Buy vacant land in a medium density area – as you mentioned
      3. Buy an existing property in a medium density area and construct a second dwelling (e.g. Sunshine Coast Council)
      4. Add a granny flat
      5. Identify regional areas with changes to the planning code (e.g. Morton Bay Regional Council and Ipswich City Council)
      – Please see an example here:
      6. Buy a property close to a university and rent out each room individually

      I do an number of projects outside of BCC. I am currently doing projects in the Central Coast, Kyogle and Albury in NSW, along with the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

    1. Hi Will.

      This is completely dependent on location and town planning.

      In the Ipswich and Morton Bay Regional Council areas you can build dual occupancy property under one roof line in most areas.

      In other council areas there is different planning legislation, which means you need to pay head works charges on two lots instead of one.

  2. Hi Ben,
    I have few question regarding granny flat(new dual occupancy) in bcc.
    1. If owner live one side of house can he gave rent other part to anyone without family member.
    2.can I build new dual (grant flat) in place just for investment purpose without family member like without grany.
    3.when bcc can creat problem .?

    1. Hi Pal,

      1 & 2. In Most cases yes.

      3. When your associated unit, duplex or dual occupancy property is noncompliant with the relevant planning code.

      I recently built a dual occupancy property in Kallangur (25km North of Brisbane CBD). You can take a look at it here: It is far easier to get planning permission in the Moreton bay and Ipswich Council areas for these types of structures.

      I would also take a look at a site called Granny Flat Finder: Maybe one of the builders in their network may be able to assist you with your more specific questions.

  3. Hi
    Looking to buy an existing dwelling on land of 3000sm or above and build another dwelling behind. Looking in the Burpengary / Narangba areas. I have read some restrictions that the additional property must be less than 100sm gfa which relegates the second building to a granny flat not another residence. Looked at the MB council web site and whilst it’s very comprehensive it’s also very confusing! Can you give any advice of where to look for specific details on what is allowable or not given this brief description of our plans?

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