How to tell if your home builder shapes up after signing your contract?

How to tell if your home builder shapes up after signing your contract?

It is important to be an active participant in your home’s construction, but how do you walk the fine line between overseeing the building of your new home and respecting your builder’s right to get on with the job?

Visiting your home during its construction is part of seeing your dream turn into reality. It can be useful for picking up any mistakes, or ironing out any misunderstandings, early in the building process when they are still relatively low cost to fix. For example, a decision to add an extra window is easier to do then, rather than waiting until the building’s completion.

Find out what your builder’s policy is on site visits, after all while it is your new home it’s also their worksite and as such they are responsible for the safety on it. Your access could be conditional and it is best to negotiate this prior to the construction starting.

One of the best things you can do to understand the building process is some basic research, so jump online. There are five major stages of the building process: slab, frame, lock-up, fix out and completion and it is easy to find good explanations of these stages which are also considered building milestones. It is good to inspect your new home at these times to check its progress.

Using local builders and trades people is one of the smartest moves you can make. They are more accessible if problems arise and because they are known socially as well as professionally they often provide superior workmanship.

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