What Is Owner Occupier Appeal

Hi. I’m Kristal Everingham and I work as a buyer’s agent for Pumped On Property. In today’s video we’re going to be talking about what is owner occupier appeal. Just because you’re an investor looking for an investment property does not mean that you should be targeting investor level homes. Investor level homes are things like houses with small bedrooms, small living areas, small back yards, properties that are battle axed, properties that are in poor areas that don’t have much street appeal. Those types of properties we avoid and you guys should be avoiding them too. What is owner occupier appeal and what do we actually like to buy?

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Here at Pumped On Property we specialise in buying high quality properties in high quality areas on high quality streets. We avoid things like housing commission, industrial areas, commercial areas, streets that back onto major roads or shopping centres. Those things do deter from the owner occupier appeal of a property. We like to target homes that have that family feel. Homes that you want to live in. Those types of homes are the homes that people want to buy when it comes to re-selling, and what people want to rent when you actually own that property as an investor.

What does it all mean and what is that owner occupier appeal? We like to target homes that have big bedrooms, over sized living areas, oversized entertaining areas, large backyards, properties that you could see yourself living in with your family and raising your kids there. Properties that you walk into and they have a good feel. They’re not poky floor plans, they’re not something that you wouldn’t want to bring your friends over to. You want those types of properties that have just that little extra level of attraction. They have big areas to entertain people and they have big living areas.

We also like to target properties where the street and the area is in a percentage where there’s 70 percent owner occupiers and only 30 percent renters as an absolutely maximum. A lot of the suburbs we actually do buy properties in there’s only between 12 percent to 19 percent renters in any given area. That’s the best case ratio that we would like to buy on but at the end of the day it’s not always possible. Where there’s more affordable housing, there’s often more renters. But if you keep to a ratio of a maximum 30 percent renters and a minimum of 70 percent owner occupiers, you can’t really go wrong. These are the areas that are going to have a higher capital growth and they’re the type of areas that families want to live in, because there are a better demographic of people there and there are less renters in that area.

Why is it important to target a property that has owner occupier appeal and why is it not always the best idea to pick the best and cheapest property? Sometimes cheap doesn’t equal best and when you’re an investor you’ve got to be very careful with the type of property you’re buying. Actually being high quality and delivering you what you want from that property strategy. It’s important to target owner occupier appeal properties because at the end of the day when it comes to re-selling, you want to own a property that people want to live in. You want to own the property that had 70 people at the home when you tried to buy it because it means when it comes to re-selling, there’s probably going to be 70 people at the home again.

You want to be that person that owns a property that people want to live in and people can see themselves growing old in because at the end of the day that’s always going to be the more sensible investment than buying something that you can just throw a tenant in, doesn’t look that great, and you can’t actually see yourself living there either.

Just to recap from this video, what is owner occupier appeal? I’ve spoken about the fact that we like to target houses with big rooms, big living areas, big backyards, oversized entertaining areas, on good streets, in high quality areas where the percentage of rentage is lower than the percentage of owner occupiers. Ideally that percentage being under 30 percent renters for any given area.

I hope you found this information valuable today and I hope you take it on board when you go to find your next investment property. Make sure you don’t target that investor level style home and you begin to target properties with owner occupier appeal that are inevitably going to be better when it comes to re-selling.

Thanks. I’m Kristal Everingham and I’m a buyer’s agent at Pumped On Property. I hope you found this information valuable and I’ll see you next time.

Ben Everingham


Ben founded Pumped On Property after building a multi-million dollar property portfolio over a 5 year period. His mission is to show you how to replace your income through property investing so you can do what you love…full time.