Property Investment Outlook for April 2014

Property Investment Outlook for April 2014

When looking at the property investment outlook for April 2014 we need to take a look at the sales trends for March.

By analysing this information we can begin to determine if April is a good time to buy an investment property.

It’s important to note that sales statistics point to a steady climb in real estate prices across the majority of Australia’s capital cities.

Property investment outlook for April 2014 by major Australian capital city:


Sydney is experiencing increases in new home construction and home sales. The current level of competition for new and established dwellings in Sydney is fierce, which may result in a steady climb in property prices over the short term.


Melbourne is also seeing a shift toward new home construction. Sales are increasing, but the market in Melbourne has not yet recovered from its over supply over the past couple of years resulting in a static market.


Brisbane is just starting to see a new home construction boom. Sales are on the rise, and real estate experts feel that the market in the capital city is currently balanced.

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Adelaide has not yet seen competition for real estate from the investor market. This said new home construction and sales are both on the rise. Jessica Darnbrough from Mortgage Choice recommends that investors strike now to take advantage of rising property values.


Perth still has a shortage of available properties, which is causing property prices to rise. Competition is still extremely high in the expensive capital.


Hobart continues to enjoy a balanced market that allows investors and homebuyers to easily interact in the market. The early signs are evident that an investment property in Hobart would pay off in the future.


Darwin is another expensive city with a challenging market. New home construction and home sales are still on the rise, which will make it eve more difficult to enter, this market in 2014. If you are going to enter the Darwin market act fast to avoid skyrocketing prices.


Canberra is one city where prices have remained steady over the past month. It is the only capital city with a declining market, and investors should be wary about low returns when considering real estate in the city.

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