Ben Everingham – Kallangur QLD


Ben Everingham’s 4th investment property is a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom dual occupancy house that we built in Kallangur, Queensland.

Property features

  • Land size – 300 sqm
  • Dual occupancy (in this case a double story house that can be rented as two properties)
  • 3 bedroom, 2 bath (down and upstairs)
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath (downstairs)
  • 25km to Brisbane CBD
  • Major infrastructure projects due to commence in next 3 years

Financial features

Capital gain

  • We have achieved a capital gain of 11% since commencing this project in early 2014
  • We estimate we will achieve an additional capital gain of 8% in the 2014 – 2015 financial year

Rental yield

  • We are currently achieving a rental yield of 7.39% in 2014

Rental return

  • 2014 – $560 a week

Current valuation

  • 2014 – $465,000

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Why did we purchase this property?

  • Immediate capital gains ($60,000+ on the completion of construction)
  • Strong rental yield
  • Strong demand for rental properties in this area
  • Strong investment into local infrastructure (shopping centers and transport)
  • Distance to Brisbane CBD (<30km)
  • Passive income source at current interest rate

What did we learn from purchasing this property?

  • Dual occupancy properties will always drive a higher rental yield, they may also sell for a premium
  • Its possible to build new properties and make immediate capital gains
  • Buy in areas with strong rental demand
  • Think out side the square
  • Build something slightly nicer than any similar new housing stock in the area
  • Understand your market. In Kallangur and the wider Brisbane market there is an under supply of quality, affordable new housing.
  • Build for your future tenants, not for yourself
  • Build relationships with land developers, you may be surprised what they’ll do for you. We got a $20,000 saving on this block at the time of purchase
  • Find a mortgage broker you can trust, you’ll be surprised how much money you can borrow with the right broker on your side
  • Build a team of advisers (accountant, solicitor, mortgage broker, builder and quantity surveyor)

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