Why Does Pumped On Property Exist

G’day. My names Ben Everingham and in today’s video I’m going to talk about why we exist, so why does Pumped On Property actually exist?

Hi there. My name’s Ben Everingham and I’m the director here at Pumped On Property. In today’s video we’re going to talk about something a little bit different. In today’s video we’re going to talk about exactly why we got started as a business. I rarely talk about myself or the things that I’ve done personally, but in today’s video we’re going to take a big peak behind the scenes and actually look at how I personally got started in investment property and where that’s allowed me to grow to. We’re going to talk a little bit about how the business got started and why we originally started. We’re going to talk about what we’ve done since we got started and where we’ve come, which has been an exciting and a crazy journey as well and a great story in itself. We’re going to talk about some of the things that we plan to do.

Then, finally, why we actually exist today, which is the most important thing for me because I’ve realised, I’m so grateful for the things in my life now, but I realise that life is actually really about serving other people and contributing to a better world. I come to work every single day and so does my team feeling that way about how can we help other people first as opposed to helping ourselves.

So, it’s a completely different way of thinking then the average person in the property industry. Hopefully, it’s not too airy-fairy for you today, but this is a really meaningful video for me.

So, my name’s Ben Everingham and at the time of shooting this video I’m 31 years of age and my story’s been a crazy one. It’s filled with ups and downs and really, really intense periods of hard work and really, really fun times of amazing opportunities coming into my world that, some of them I can’t explain and some of them I’ve been lucky enough to create for myself.

So I’m going to share a little bit about how I actually personally got started in investing in property and I remember it so clearly now. I was at university. I had about a year and half left to finish my degree and I picked up this amazing book called, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, secondhand from a little local bookshop. I remember picking up this book and reading it and going, “Oh my God.” I didn’t even know this stuff existed. I didn’t know that people could create a business or they could buy investment property or they could buy a stock portfolio and actually over time accumulate enough of that product to be financially independent and to do whatever they wanted to do for as long as they wanted to do it. I more thought you had to start a career and you had to work for the rest of your life and you know at 50 or 60 you’d finish up and then you’d enjoy yourself.

That was just, looking back, so crazy but that was sort of the environment that I had been brought up on. Everyone was sort of satisfied with their jobs, but not really. Kind of happy, but kind of not. Didn’t really know how to get out of the cycle that they were in, but didn’t know how to look outside of the cycle either and see different opportunities. So this book just changed everything for me and I remember going, “All I want to do is start buying property,” because for me, for some reason, property really resonated with me. It was just easy. I read stories of people that were earning $50,000 that accumulated a portfolio of properties over a 15 or 20 year period and ended up with a great passive income stream for the rest of their life. So, I knew that it was possible and I knew that these people weren’t really any different to me. In fact, some of these people were earning far less than I was about to go on and earn and they had done it so, why couldn’t I?

Fast forward to the year that I finished my degree. I basically saved my first deposit and went out and bought my first property, which was a great little unit in Sydney in a really solid little area of the south side of Sydney, well-connected to transport, the city, and also the beach. So, I bought this property and thought I was on top of the world and then later that year, again, it was a time when lending was a lot looser than, I suppose, than it is today, so for whatever reason the banks thought I could service more debt at that time as a graduate for IBM and they allowed me to go buy another property, which was a five-bedroom house on the Central Coast in New South Wales just north of Sydney. So that was how I got started.

Fast forward six years down the track, seven years down the track. I’m 31 at the time of shooting this video and I’ve been able to create this life for myself that I didn’t even know could have existed back then. So I’m lucky enough to live now in a beautiful waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with my two beautiful daughters, my wife, and also my little dude Ready, who’s a black lab. Looking back now now, I’m so glad I did what I did during those periods and I sacrificed a lot of material things for a long time during that journey to actually continue to invest in property, that was my main priority for five or six years that enabled me to do some really cool things.

Over that six or seven year period I basically bought, held, and sold around about four million dollars worth of property, personally. So, at the age of 28, I’d left IBM and I was now working as a marketing manager for one of Australia’s leading home builders, the biggest builder in New Zealand and a major builder in America. I was their marketing manager and now we’re a franchised brand with franchises all over the world. Those people are intelligent. They were earning exceptional money. They were investing in property. It was really there where I cut my teeth in the property industry and that kind of allowed me to grow as a person and realise that, “Hang on. There’s all of these people doing these amazing things. Again, they’re not any smarter than me. They’re not any more educated than me. They’re not any more sophisticated than me. There’s no secret source that they’re applying that I can’t apply.”

It was just working hard, having a very specific plan, and executing on that plan over a period of time that most people, unfortunately, aren’t prepared to wait. 10 to 15 years is really not that long a period of time, but for so many people in the property industry in Australia that are kind of like, “I need to get rich quick. I need to show other people how to get rich quick” and for me that just doesn’t work and they’re not the types of people that we like to help. So I accumulated a bunch of property myself and at the age of 28 I started Pumped On Property as a buyer’s agency and left full-time work as a employee, hopefully never to go back again, but you never know what’s going to happen in the future.

So taking a step back from there or the next step forward, how we actually got started was by that time I think I’d accumulated somewhere between six and eight properties, I was around about 27 years of age and I was starting to feel pretty lonely because I hadn’t been able to talk to anybody about buying investment property since my second purchase. I realised after I had created or bought my second property that it was very much a personal reason why I was doing what I was doing, but that said I didn’t really have people in my life that I could communicate with, I could share my story with, I could talk about things that I was learning and talking about the things that I was making massive, massive errors on and looking back now, I made a huge amount of errors.

I started this blog and I decide to write three to four blog posts for a week and I did this at night time, two to three nights a week for literally a 12-month period. Then after that 12-month period, people kept asking me the same questions, which were, “Where was I personally spending money,” “What had I done in the past,” and “Could I help them buy investment property in?” I thought, “This is my passion. This is my love,” so I went about getting my real estate licences in place and then left full-time work at age 28 to start this business and since then we’ve been lucky enough to help incredible people from all over Australia. I’ve got so many friends out of this business and so many people that I care about and really, really look up to, like some very sophisticated people, some amazing first home buyers that I know by the time they’re my age will be absolutely knocking it out of the park and probably financially independent and retired.

It’s just been this crazy journey where we’ve helped, literally buy tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars worth of property for our clients in amazing marketplaces like Sydney and Brisbane because I’m a metro property guy. I don’t like the regional stuff, personally. I like guaranteeing my returns. I’m not a gambler in the way that I think about things. This blog that I started just evolved into this amazing business, which now employs my brother, who’s my best mate, my sister who’s my best friend, my mom, who I absolutely love and adore, who runs the property management business with me, as well as some other incredible, incredible people. It’s just insane. My brother and I will go out and train three days a week in our lunch break. We live near the beach and near a skate park and we’ll go down the skate park and have a muck around and then come back to the office and work hard. My families just down the road and we get to do some pretty school stuff.

In terms of why I originally started the blog, as I said, it was because I felt lonely and I wanted to connect with more like-minded people. I didn’t realise that I’d be connecting with 700 to 4,000 people every single year and helping well over a hundred of those people go into the market and begin to replace their own income through investing. At that time, I never could have seen that, but it was a pretty selfish reason, to be honest with you, why I started and that was, I just want to write this blog and share my experiences and attract people into my world that were more sophisticated than I was and become friends with those people and sort of open up that network. That was the reason I started and sometimes the reason you start things, once you see behind the curtains, isn’t the reason you finish things. So, things have evolved, but I’ll get back to that in a moment.

In terms of- sorry, this is the first time I’ve really ever shared this story and it’s kind of emotional and really, really cool for me because this was such a passion and such a big thing and you often don’t take the time to look back and celebrate the ups and the downs and to think about all that stuff and that’s actually bringing out some really crazy things for me actually speaking. In terms of what we’ve done, basically, as I’ve said we’ve helped people from all over Australia and the world accumulate amazing properties and we’ve helped some people buy a single property and we’ve helped other people or groups of people buy 5, 10, 15, 20 properties type thing. We’ve bought some really, really cool stuff, so looking back at some of the great properties we’ve bought in Sydney and Brisbane Markets.

I remember, just thinking about some of the things that have stood out to us now or may now, as I’m thinking about it, I’m helping a young bloke from Sydney called Luke Taylor, who, at the time, was 23 years of age, had just finished uni and was working as an engineer for the New South Wales government and we bought him a ex-housing commission home off the Queensland government for 400k. He literally hasn’t done a single thing to the property and 18 months after he bought that property, it was revalued at $495 dollars a week. This was a guy that was earning about $60,000 a year at that time. He’s earning much better income now because he’s really, really worked hard on his career like he has on his investments. That was a massive amount of money. In 18 months, he basically had earned the same amount that he was earning pre-tax on that one deal.

I remember finding another opportunity where a developer on the Sunshine Coast, unfortunately, had over-exposed himself to another project in Brisbane so I found out about four pieces of land that were basically being sold for below cost. I picked those properties up. I helped some clients build brand new dual-income properties on them and those properties now, which cost $445,000 have been revalued at $550-$560,000 but more than that these properties are renting for over $700 a week now, giving these people over an 8% return or between $200 and $300 a week passive cashflow in their pocket. Looking back at these things as they’ve happened, it’s just incredible from me working out of my home when I first started the business to working in an amazing office now with the people that I care about and like doing the things that we love to do. It’s been quite a journey and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun as well.

In terms of what we plan to do, I read this amazing article, well not even an article, sorry, it was an amazing e-mail that I received last year around the end of the financial year from an American marketer called Seth Godin and for anyone that hasn’t read his books, they’re pretty cool if you’re a business guy. I’ve read Purple Cow and a couple of his others like, Launch, which are just great little concept books and he sent this e-mail saying, “Why be bigger, why not be better,” and I went home that night and talked to Lisa, my wife, and I was just like everything changes from right now.

Literally, that night we decided to go from helping anywhere between 14 and 20 investors every month to reducing the business back down to 10 clients a month. I sort of thought, there’s so many people in the property industry that are just obsessed with endless growth and it’s like, growth is cool but some of the things that I was sacrificing in terms of time with my family, my health and the real reasons that I was in this business were beginning to change as we begun to grow to that point and we could have easily continued along that journey of going to 30, 50, 100 clients a month like some of the bigger buyer’s agents, but I made a decision to go, less is actually more. If we do great work and we serve people better than anyone else in this industry, then over time we’re going to get a name for ourselves as the people that get above average returns, that seriously actually give a shit about what we do and the properties we buy and actually give people an experience, like an old school service experience, where they get looked after and they know that the people that are doing the work for them care so much that they’re doing everything they can to possibly get it right.

None of us have a crystal ball. There’s not a single person in the property industry that does, but what we try and do as a business is really be conservative in our predictions, be extremely thorough in our data and our processes and as diligent as humanly possible by creating systems around everything that we do to get our clients above average returns. I’m so proud to say that in the three years that I’ve been running this business now and obviously, you might be watching this video in five years time and my longer term intention is to run this business for the rest of our lives because it is honestly my passion, but for the three years that we’ve been running it now, we’ve beat the average market performance every single year, significantly, in terms of both yields and also also in terms of capital growth. If I can continue to do that into the future, that would be an amazing life.

But even more than that, we’ve helped a couple of clients actually achieve financial independence already and we’ve got a huge amount of people that we’re working with on that journey. We’ve given them the strategy. We’ve helped them make the first steps. We’ve helped them buy their first property or second property or third property and we’re working our way towards this bigger picture of this is where they’d like to be. Now they know exactly how to get there, it’s just about executing it with us. Our intention isn’t to help you buy the next 10 properties. Our intention for every client is to help them buy the next property and to nail it and not just get them an outcome, but to educate them to a point that they’re more sophisticated than 99.9% of investors in the market and they have that confidence to go out there and actually do it themselves.

I’ll finish up this video, which I again, I know it’s a bit of a rant and it’s probably a bit airy-fairy, but this is just so meaningful for us. This is my world and this is my identity and this is why I get out of bed in the mornings to come to work. I love this stuff and I plan on being here as is my sister and brother for the rest of our lives and helping as many people as we possibly can because for all of us it’s absolutely not about the money anymore. The money’s absolutely nice and we’ll continue to take it, but it’s really about contributing in the right way, not spruiking, not bullshitting, not pressuring people, but actually finding the right people that we like to work with that actually relate to us and gel with us and want a human experience and understand that we are people with our own goals, with our own dreams, and with our own way of going about the world and connecting with those people that are in the same head space.

The reason we exist today is about service. I watched this incredible, I don’t know if it’s a documentary or a movie, but it was called, “From Ambition to Many,” by a guy called Wayne Dyer, who unfortunately passed away, but this just rocked my world as much as that e-mail did. It made me realise that, obviously, at the start of our lives when we’re just up and coming, everything’s about ourselves and it’s about how much we can get and our own egos and the hustle and the grind and all of the bullshit stuff that we hear everywhere and then as we go to the later stages of life, people start to settle down, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and do what they really want to do.

Hopefully, you get to that point in your life. I’m so grateful that at the age of 28 I was lucky enough to find my passion and my wife are the world. The reason we exist is to help people achieve financial independence through property investing. Helping people become wealthy is awesome and I love that and that’s a big part of what we do, but helping people find, through being financially independent, their passion, their purpose, and giving people the options to become healthier, to spend more time with their families and their friends, to do more of the things that they care about or that they love doing when they’re young. Like I said before, me and my brother are skating, playing soccer still, surfing. Just because you get older doesn’t mean the things that you love in life have to stop.

I hate this concept, which is in some of the markets in Australia, like Sydney or Melbourne, where there’s outside of work you and there’s inside of work you. There’s no separate you. There’s a face or a mask that you can put on, but the reality is people are people and I want to work with real people and that’s why I’ve capped our business at 10 people a month and sell so far out in advance because we get to pick and choose people. We could probably help 30 or 40 people buy a month with the amount of demand that comes through our business, but we like to work with people that connect with us. I believe that if you’re financially independent, as I said, you can do those things that are meaningful. You can leave the job that you hate or the job that you might just be doing because it’s got a great income and go and do the things that you really enjoy. Go and volunteer, go and travel, go and spend more times with your kids, your family. Take a year off and do whatever the hell you want to do.

But it gives you options to contribute to a better world and my overall philosophy or thought is the more people that are financially independent that don’t have to worry about fear every day, that don’t have to be stressed about money can go on and contribute to a better world. By people becoming financially independent, that message spreads and other people see that it’s possible and it’s like that ripple effect or that pay-it-forward kind mentality.

I know this has been a big video. It’s been really different for me. It’s brought up a lot of stuff for me personally, but I hope you understand that we’re coming from a place where we really care about you. We really care about your outcomes. We don’t just take money off people that aren’t in alignment with our business. We don’t take money off people that we can’t support or get in a great outcome for them. We’re continually improving and growing as people and as a business and we hope that if you ever decide to buy an investment property that you can come to us and book maybe a one-on-one strategy session, which is complimentary. In that session, it’s not, again, about us closing a sale or trying to create business. It’s about helping you understand where you are and where you want to go and pointing you in a direction of your journey. It doesn’t mean it’s the right direction. Nothing is perfect and there’s so many different ways of getting to the same outcome, but property and business are the two outlets that I’ve chosen.

Look, I really appreciate your time today on this video and hope that whether you’re working with us, someone else, or doing it on your own you find your passion and your purpose and you get to bring that to the world like I’m lucky enough to do every day.

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So until next time, stay hungry. Thank you.

Ben Everingham


Ben founded Pumped On Property after building a multi-million dollar property portfolio over a 5 year period. His mission is to show you how to replace your income through property investing so you can do what you love…full time.