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Do you have a clearly defined property investment strategy?

Do you know where you want to be 12 months from now?

Do you have a plan for achieving financial independence by the time you retire?

At Pumped On Property we believe a clear investment strategy is the key to achieving your lifestyle and financial goals faster.

That’s why each month we offer first time and established investors a complimentary one on one Strategy Session with Ben Everingham, our Director at Pumped On Property.

What can you expect from your Strategy Session? 

By the end of your session you’ll have identified:

1. Where you are right now in terms of your property investing goals.

2. Where you want to be by the time you retire.

3. The roadblocks currently holding you back from achieving your goals and how to address them.

4. Your next action steps.

If you’re ready to:

Take control of your future.

Find a mentor and a coach.

Build your confidence.

Eliminate your fear.

Improve your knowledge and your skills.

Begin working towards financial independence.

Achieve your financial and your lifestyle goals.

Reduce your dependence on your job.

Create a more secure future.

Get started.


A bit about Pumped On Property

Pumped on Property is a full service buyer’s agency that helps Australians become financially free through property investing. Our team specialises in creating tailored property investment strategies for our clients and finding the right properties to help them achieve their financial goals.

We find investment properties in growth suburbs at the best prices and help you get into the market sooner. We also provide ongoing property mentoring and education to help you build your portfolio and become a more confident property investor.

Each month we work with 10 like-minded investors who are looking to replace their income through property investing so they can do what they love full time.

Each year thousands of Australians decide to invest in property but don’t know where, or have the time to start. It’s common for these investors to receive mixed advice from family and friends on which suburbs to buy in and what types of property to be looking for. It’s even more common for these investors to receive mixed signals online, leaving many investors feeling even more confused about where to start.

Unfortunately, there are countless stories of investors who have either rushed into buying an investment property that was overpriced, or procrastinated and missed out on great investment opportunities.

With the right team in place, who can provide you with expert advice and in-depth market knowledge, you can get into the market sooner and begin investing with confidence.

As your personal Buyers Agent we’re committed to:

  • Finding the best investment properties and negotiating the best prices.
  • Providing you with on-going mentoring to help you become a financially independent property investor.
  • Providing you with regular updates and giving you certainty at every stage of the process.

Our Guarantee

At Pumped on Property we know the Australian property market is extremely competitive, with prices in some markets rising every week. That’s why it is important for us to make sure our clients buy the right property, at the right time, at the right price.

With this in mind we guarantee that if we can not find you an investment property that meets all of your investment goals within 6 months of you becoming a client we will refund 100% of your services fee.

Absolutely stoked about buying my first property with Pumped On Property and couldn’t be happier with my overall experience. Ben’s help and knowledge of the investment market has made this whole process a lot easier than expected. I highly recommend Pumped On Property to anyone looking to get involved in the property market or for those looking for general advice about you’re next steps. I cant thank you enough Ben for giving me this awesome head start in life, I look forward to working with you in the future.
Joshua Davison – Ausgrid

Im looking forward to talking with you shortly.

Kind Regards,

Ben Everingham
Director, Pumped On Property