Andrew & Kelly Menon

Andrew & Kelly Menon
Good afternoon Ben and Kristal,

I arrived home this afternoon and was a package with my name on it from Pumped and I had no idea what it could be.  I honestly thought there was another document I had to sign and send back!

Thank you for the gift.  It just reminded me about the first conversation where I had with Ben on the phone a few months back – being so genuine and straight up with me.  Kristal for scooting between the Sunny Coast and Redcliffe for that appointment we had during the previous school holidays.
It was the little things like that and being available and responding quickly which really made me feel supported during this process.  I am particularly grateful for the way Kristal handled the entire purchasing process.

Thank you again and I will surely be in contact to touch base every now and then and in a year or so, be ready for the next move depending on the market.