Kym Volp


I engaged Pumped on Property as buyer agent for two purchases.  One was for my personal portfolio and one was for my company.  On both fronts I wanted to make a clever purchase that would allow us to release equity quickly in order to rapidly grow. We decided to go with two different approaches.  One was to buy an existing undervalued house in a high-growth area and renovate; the other was to buy infill land in a prestigious location and build (both in the Brisbane area).

Pumped On Property managed to secure us an existing 3 bedroom house $15,000 below advertised price, on which we did a complete renovation at a reasonable price.  The process was completely managed by Lisa Pullos of SHE Interiors, but Pumped On Property still remained in touch – including continual updates and arranging a rental agent. The area has seen 3% growth in the last quarter, whilst some of the other areas I looked at have only increased 1-1.5%.

On our land, we also managed to buy $15,000 below advertised price and have obtained good price with a reputable builder due to Pumped On Property’s strong relationships in the industry.  I won’t know the final outcome from this for some time, but am hopeful that we will achieve the desired result.

Overall, I am very happy with Pumped On Property’s service.  Ben and the team are obviously savvy and have a great eye for a solid investment.  Apart from this the thing which most impressed me was there commitment to outstanding customer service.  Particularly when there were small issues (which there are always bound to be) they would pick up the phone immediately, apologise sincerely and do whatever was necessary to rectify the problem .  The team at Pumped On Property have gone above and beyond and continue to help me with matters that are out of the scope of our original agreement.

I thoroughly recommend there service to anyone seeking to engage a trustworthy and competent buyer’s agent.