The 20 Most Affordable Places To Buy In The Brisbane Region

The 20 Most Affordable Places To Buy In The Brisbane Region

I read a fantastic article in the Courier-Mail this morning titled the 20 places in greater Brisbane where half the houses sell for less than $276K and weekly rents average $215 to $280.

I thought it was worth sharing and providing you with a quick summary of the article.

Read the full article here.

There is a growing number of Australians concerned with the costs of living.

While many of us may not want to admit it, we may just be living in the wrong areas.

According the data supplied in the Courier-Mail’s – What Is Your House Worth lift out, there are 20 suburbs in the greater Brisbane region with a median house price below $276,000.

While not all of these areas are as desirable as their inner city neighbors, they are certainty more affordable.

According to the Courier-Mail’s research Ipswich was the most affordable area to buy a house in the September quarter, making up 14 of the 20 most affordable areas to buy in the Brisbane region.

According to the article there are a number of suburbs in Ipswich which represent great value for money right now including:

  • One Mile
  • North Booval
  • Goodna
  • Rosewood
  • Bundamba
  • Tivoli
  • Riverview
  • Basin Pocket
  • North Ipswich
  • Eastern Heights
  • Silkstone

The article also talked about Redlands and Logan which had 6 suburbs with median prices under $273,531.

The article finished off with a list of the 20 most affordable places to buy in the Brisbane region,which included:

Source: The Courier-Mail

  • Leichardt $221,774
  • Russell Island $223,644
  • Basin Pocket $223,644
  • Riverview $230,118
  • One Mile $236,478
  • Tivoli $252,100
  • Churchill $254,849
  • North Booval $255,940
  • Macleay Island $259,662
  • Woodridge $261,757
  • East Ipswich $263,026
  • Goodna $264,057
  • North Ipswich $264,725
  • Logan Central $266,430
  • Eagleby $269,201
  • Kingston $273,531
  • Rosewood $273,598
  • Silkstone $273,854
  • Eastern Heights $275,028
  • Bundamba $275,575

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