Top tips to help sell your property in 2014

Top tips to help sell your property in 2014

You can’t change your property’s location, but you can change a potential buyers first impression.

By following these simple rules you will be well placed to sell your property for a premium in 2014.

A fresh coat of paint

Grubby, marked and faded walls can really bring down the look and feel of a property – and its selling price. A fresh coat of paint is dirt cheap, but will make your property far more appealing.


Cleaning your house from top to bottom and getting rid of the mess, is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your home’s aesthetic.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner to tidy up the main areas of your home (kitchen, bathrooms, living room and master bedroom).

Set the stage

If you show your property in its best light and give people the opportunity to make it their own, you’ll create an emotional connection. This connection makes it far easier to sell your home for a premium.

In certain markets it can even be worth hiring furniture for the living room, master bedroom and patio to help take your home to the next level.

Get the right shots

Often we forget many first impressions will be made online or in a newspaper.

Professional images help sell properties so make sure you find the right photographer who can showcase your home in its best light.

Devil in the details

It’s the smallest of repairs that can turn off fussy buyers (cracked tiles, broken door handles and chipped cupboards), so take the time to go over the property with a notepad and make a list of all the small repairs you need to complete before showing the property to prospective buyers.

Create an ambience

On the day of an open home, present the property in its most attractive light; this means turning on fans or air-conditioning units if it’s a hot day, opening the curtains and blinds to let the cool spring breeze in, and turning on lights in any dark spaces.

Develop the right marketing strategy

Make sure your marketing strategy consists of a mix of online (, Domain, All Homes, etc) and offline (newspaper ads, property publications, etc).

As a general rule of thumb the longer a property is on the market the less chance you have of achieving a premium price, so make sure your marketing strategy will drive enough interest to move your property quickly.

Find the right agent

Its extremely important to not only find an agent that you like and trust, but one who will do your property justice.

If you are selling a premium property find a premium agent, if you need a quick sale find an agent with a network of buyers who are ready to move today.

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