Buyers Agent Sunshine Coast & Advocate Agency

Buying investment real estate can be simple and stress free when you have the right team and processes in place with your Buyers Agent.

Pumped On Property are a full-service buyers’ agency who help our Sunshine Coast clients buy and build tens of millions of dollars worth of investment property each year.

Our expert buyers agents and advocates are passionate about delivering a world class real estate experience.

By offering a complete suite of buyer’s agency and buyers advocacy services in the Sunshine Coast, ensure our clients achieve their lifestyle goals faster.

We believe access to the right information at the right time gives our clients a competitive buying advantage. Today’s investor needs a trusted partner you can help them navigate their way through the complexes of the real estate industry. With our extensive knowledge in every aspect of the field, backed by the best consumer research and insights, we are the go-to source for information and education.

What type of Real Estate to buy?

We love to buy investment Real estate:

  • In rising markets.
  • At great prices.
  • With the potential to achieve long term capital growth.
  • With the potential to make short term equity gains through a combination of manufactured growth strategies.
  • With the potential to increase the rental return.

Who do we help?

We help first time and established Real Estate investors:

  • Buy existing houses, units and town houses in growth markets.
  • Build brand new houses in growth markets.
  • Build brand new dual occupancy properties with above average rental yields.

Our mission is to help you replace your income through investing so you can do what you love on the Sunshine Coast…full time.

How do you select a suitable Real Estate On the Sunshine Coast?

To Start With:

  • Selecting a state.
  • Then a market.
  • Then a suburb.

Then second, look at the:

  • Distance to a major Sunshine Coast CBD.
  • Population.
  • Average annual growth rates.
  • Price growth over the last 3 years.
  • Price growth over the last 12 months.
  • Average annual price growth.
  • Predicted price growth.
  • Median price.
  • Median rent.
  • Rental yield.
  • Rental vacancy rate.
  • Number of houses sold in the last 12 months.
  • Average days on market.
  • Average vendor discount.
  • Supply and demand.
  • How the locals rate the suburb.
  • Demographics, schools, shopping centres and transport options.

As well as:Buyers Agents on the Sunshine Coast pumped on property

  • Every sale that has been made in the Sunshine Coast suburb in the last 12 months.
  • Housing commission heat maps.
  • Flood maps.
  • Rental maps.

At this stage the inspection of suitable properties using our 100 point Real Estate Inspection Checklist.

We also provide our clients with a score for each deal we inspect depends how closely it aligns with their investment goals.

Once we have identified a potentially suitable investment:

  • Provide our clients with a desk top valuation of the opportunity from RP Data.
  • Provide our clients with comparable local sales data.
  • Negotiate the best possible price and terms.
  • Organise and attend a building and pest inspection.
  • Organise a planning check.
  • Introduce our clients to a solicitor (if required) who will undertake all relevant due diligence and searches.
  • Provide our clients with a high level cash flow / holding cost analysis on the potential investment.

Take a look at some of the properties we’ve recently bought for our clients here.

Why do we only work with 15 new clients each month?

We do this to ensure you receive a world class experience and result every time.

Keen to take control of your future and build a portfolio?Pumped on Property Sunshine Coast Buyers Advocate

Whether it’s your first or your fifth investment, finding your next deal will be much easier when you have the team at POP working for you.

Building lasting wealth requires time, understanding and careful planning.

At POP we aim to deliver tangible results. Every location is carefully selected, extensively researched and pre-negotiated. What’s more we provide all the facts up front, coupled with an intense due diligence process – resulting in less risk and a better investment for you.

We save you time, give you access to a wider range of properties and can save you thousands of dollars off your purchase price.

As your personal buyers agent we’re your team. As your partner we’ll help you achieve financial independence through unbiased, independent and professional advice. As a company our clients buy and build, tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate every year.

Our Sunshine Coast Team can help you:

  1. Buy your first home.
  2. Buy an investment.
  3. Build a brand new home or investment.
  4. Build a brand new dual occupancy dwelling.
  5. Build a duplex.
  6. Buy real etate in your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

What type of investments do we specialise in buying?

  • Real Estate within 30km’s of a major city or regional centre.
  • Locations with the potential for long term capital growth.
  • Cash flow neutral and positively geared deals.
  • Real estate in areas with strong infrastructure and population growth.
  • In areas with high demand and low rental vacancy rates.
  • Property with the potential to manufacture capital growth through renovation.
  • Dual income property.

Every deal you buy should be purchased with a long-term view (10 years+).Buyers Agent Sunshine Coast

What is a buyers agent?

A buyers agent is a licensed property professional helps home buyers and investors purchase real estate.

Buyers agents specialise in researching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a investment on behalf of their buyer.

Why should you use a buyer’s agent? 

  1. We have access to every property in Australia

The beauty of a buyer’s agency is we’re your team. We have no investments for sale and no vested interest in working with a particular real estate agent, builder, developer or brand. We have the ability to access any deal, in any state, at any time. 

  1. Our Buyers agent works for youPumped On Property Buyers Agents

As buyers agents, we’re paid by you, which means there is no vested interest in any of the properties recommended for purchase. This means our recommendations are genuine and completely independent.

  1. Our research and experience can save you money

Working with our agents means you’ll never pay market value again. Every deal we buy is carefully selected, extensively researched and pre-negotiated. Our experience to get you the right deal at the right price.

  1. We know real estatte

Our years of experience buying and negotiating. You can rest assured knowing our buyers agents live and breath real estate.

  1. We find out what you want and help you get it

We work with you to understand your goals and formulate and investment strategy before a deal is ever looked at. Only after we’ve helped you identify what it’s that you really want will we find a deal to meet your requirements.

Take a look at some of the properties we’ve recently bought for our clients here.

  1. Our team makes buying simple and stress freeBuyers Agent

If you’ve ever bought a property you understand how stressful the process can be. As a Sunshine Coast buyers agent our job is to make the process of buying as simple and stress free as possible. That said if you like to keep your fingers on the pulse you can be as involved, or hands off as you like.

  1. Our Team help’s you leverage your time

Time is our most precious asset, so why waste it searching the internet and attending open homes all weekend when you can get an independent professional who buys 50+ homes per year to do it for you?

  1. Your advocate deal with real estate agents, developers and builders on your behalf

If you’ve ever dealt with a real estate agent, builder or developer then you’ll understand how painful this process can be. Your Buyers Agent doesn’t have a property for sale, which means we can ask the hard questions, without getting emotional as required.

  1. We help you get access to off market opportunitiesPumped On Property Buyers Agency Team

A large number of properties the team purchases buy will never hit the open market. We’ve spent years building personal relationships with real estate agents, builders and developers, giving you access to off market opportunities before they reach the market.

How can you choose a buyers agent?

Selecting the right buyers agent is like selecting the right house.

It’s important to ask the following questions when choosing a buyers agent:

  • Are they a full licensed real estate agent?
  • Are they a member of the state real estate institute?
  • Do they have professional indemnity insurance as a buyers agent?
  • Do they own property themselves?
  • Do they have a solid knowledge of the area I will be buying in?
  • What do their Sunshine Coast clients say?
  • What type of property do they specialise in?
  • What’s their personal investment strategy?
  • Do they have access to a network of professional advisers who can help me make a more informed investment decision?
  • Do they have access to off market listings?

Who do we work with?Buyers Agent 001

  1. Time Poor Professionals

Don’t have time for open homes? Can’t make mid-week inspections? Sick of spending your lunch hours trolling through the internet and speaking to real estate agents? Let our best buyers agent’s do the hard work and find you a shortlist of suitable properties.

  1. Inexperienced first home buyers

Purchasing your first home can be a daunting task. Let us take the stress out of the process by helping you find the right property and the right advice at the right price.

  1. Frustrated home buyers

Tired of always being out bid at auction, forking out thousands of dollars with building and pest reports and spending your weekends at open homes? Let us do the hard work for you.

  1. Out of area buyers or investors

Living overseas or interstate? Forget about expensive air fares, hiring a car, running around an unfamiliar city and trying to get your head around a new market. Instead, partner with POP, your Buyers Advocate Sunshine Coast and let us find your next home or investment for you.

Buyers Agencies in the Sunshine Coast also work with investors looking to:

  • Develop a clear investment strategy.
  • Buy existing real estate.
  • Build new dwelling.
  • Buy positively geared deals.
  • Achieve their lifestyle goals faster.
  • Regain control over their portfolio.
  • Step up and achieve their financial goals.
  • Reduce their dependence from paid employment.
  • Achieve financial independence.
  • Create a more secure future.